Faucet Installation And Repair

Even minor plumbing trouble or a simple plumbing leak can lead to a lot of stress and frustration. And, if ignored, can even become a source of considerable home damage. At Polaris Plumbing Solutions, we take your plumbing repair needs seriously by bringing to bear the full extent of our resources and knowledge to assess and provide for your needs precisely and quickly.

Irregular flow or "spewing."

Irregularities can be caused by everything from improper installation or a defective fixture, all the way to pipe damage or hard water.

Leaking or dripping

A leaky faucet and be frustrating, costly, and can indicate that there is a larger issue somewhere within the appliance.

Signs of water damage near the fixture

Occasionally a leak is either too small to notice right away or can be located out of your normal field of view. It's important to keep an eye out for discoloration, dark patches, or odd patches of mold near your plumbing fixtures.