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Are you ready to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen? Is it time to replace your old toilet? Trust a local plumber at Polaris Plumbing Solutions to meet your needs. We offer plumbing installation, repair and replacement work for homeowners in the Avon, OH area. Our clients also hire us for sewer line repairs, water heater services and gas line installations. Speak with one of our skilled plumbers about your unique needs today.

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What makes our team stand out from the competition?

We have over 11 years of experience providing local plumbing services in Avon, OH. Our clients trust us because we:

Offer a wide range of services

Provide exceptional customer service

Go above and beyond to build solid relationships with our clients

You'll feel confident hiring our local plumber.

Find out if you qualify for discounted services

From fixture installations to sewer drain replacement services, we've got you covered. We'll go over your needs when you call for service, then provide a free estimate. If you're a teacher, senior citizen or in the military, please enjoy 5% off your service.

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